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Background Of FPO

Aarambhsheel Farmer Producer Organization is an association of farmers Practicing natural and organic farming in the ganga river region of Garhmukteshwar located in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh. Through their end-to-end supply chain, sourced from organic farms and processed in specialized natural processing facilities, the organization collects farm produce, harvests, and sorts and grades them, and transports them to their natural food centers.

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Our Success Story


Aarambhsheel Kisan Utpadak Sangathan Sahkari Samiti Limited (Promoted By NCDC)

Name of FPO Aarambhsheel Kisan Utpadak Sangathan Sahkari Samiti Limited
Main business activity carried out by FPO Organic and Natural Value Added Products
Names of products Mustard oil, mango pickle, pulses: arhar, moong and urad, turmeric powder, basmati rice, jaggery honey and cow desi ghee.
Number of villages 18
Total number of members 756
Turnover for the financial year 2023-2024 36 lakhs
Founder's Name Harshvardhan Tyagi, Village Bhadsiyana District Hapur

Sustainability of Farmer Producer Organizations

To ensure and promote organic and natural farming, FPO provides training to farmers in organic and natural production techniques, certification and marketing. FPO works to strengthen the member supply chain including logistics, warehousing, packaging and other services for organic produce. The Aarambhsheel FPO follows stringent management systems to ensure quality and traceability right from the production and processing of the product to the point of sale.

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How Aarambhsheel FPO Supports Organic Farmers in Uttar Pradesh

Across Uttar Pradesh, a wave of change is rippling through the agricultural landscape. Organic farming, a method that prioritizes natural practices and soil health, is gaining ground. At the forefront of this movement is Aarambhsheel Farmer Producer Organization Cooperative Society Limited (FPO), a dedicated organization empowering organic farmers in the region.

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The Benefits of Organic Farming with Aarambhsheel FPO

Organic farming offers a multitude of advantages, not just for the environment and our health, but also for the farmers who cultivate this wholesome produce. At Aarambhsheel Farmer Producer Organization Cooperative Society Limited (FPO), we're passionate about promoting organic farming and empowering our members to reap its many benefits.

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How Aarambhsheel FPO Makes Organic Farming Work for You and the Earth Organic.

It's a word we see plastered on countless food labels, but what exactly does it mean? While the absence of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers is a key principle, organic farming goes beyond just a label. It's a philosophy, a commitment to a healthier food system, and a practice that benefits both you and the Earth. Here at Aarambhsheel Farmer Producer Organization Cooperative Society Limited (FPO), we're dedicated to making organic farming work – for your table and for our planet.

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Prabhat Kumar

I'm proud to be associated with this FPO-approved society. Their dedication to promoting inclusive growth in the agricultural sector is evident in every initiative.

Sita Devi

Aarambhsheel FPO makes organic farming profitable! Their support boosts yields, fair prices give peace of mind, and their focus on quality ensures consumers get the best organic produce.


Rajesh Kuma

Joining Aarambhsheel FPO was the best decision for my farm. Their organic certification process is smooth, and consumers love the quality of our produce.


Mukesh lal

Aarambhsheel FPO is a game-changer for organic farmers. They handle everything after harvest, letting me focus on growing the best crops. Great organization!


Sunita Singh

Aarambhsheel FPO empowers farmers like me. Their commitment to sustainable practices makes me proud to contribute to a healthier future.

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