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About Us

Background of FPO

Aarambhsheel Farmer Producer Organization is an association of farmers Practicing natural and organic farming in the ganga river region of Garhmukteshwar located in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh. Through their end-to-end supply chain, sourced from organic farms and processed in specialized natural processing facilities, the organization collects farm produce, harvests, and sorts and grades them, and transports them to their natural food centers.


Highlights of Achievements through FPO Approach

To implement modern and high-tech technology. Provide direct marketing assistance to farmers. Introducing and implementing organic products in the target area. Establishment of own machinery center for processing and packaging of products. Aarambhsheel FPO played very important role in this project for procurement. Produces and searches for market contacts for its produce. Agreements have also been signed with traders, exporters and processing industries for forward linkage.

F.P.O. Services

For Farmers

Aarambhsheel Farmer Producer Organization Is helping its Member Farmers To Start Organic And Natural Farming Practices As it is Very Difficult For The Farmer To Change Their Practices Form Chemical Farming To Organic And Natural Farming. Farmers Need Assistance in Fertilizer Making and Pest Management on Their Farm. Also When Farmers Change There Practices It Is Very Hard To Maintain Their Productivity. Our F.P.O. Helps Them in Developing a Sustainable Farming Modal On to Their Farm Where Their Farm Production Is not much affected.

In Our Society, Farmers Are Mainly Dependent upon Mandi System for selling their crops. Production and Mandi system works upon demand and supply system, if demand is high then farmer get maximum and high price where as if demand is low then farmer get very low and minimum price. on the other hand FPO directly deals with end users or consumers where price does not fluctuates much. FPO gives an assurance to its member farmers for a minimum price guarantee and if FPO gets more prices then it is shared with its member farmers as a royalty.

In Our Country Government Provides Various Benefits And Schemes For The Farmers To Uplift Their Livelihood And to Promote Farmer Financial Status. But Due To Lack of Education or Lack of Understanding Farmers Don`t Apply For These Schemes. Here in Our FPO We take this initiative Of Documentation of Our Member Farmers to Make Sure That They Get All the Benefits Form Government Schemes Both at State Level as Well As Central Government Level.


For Consumers


Our FPO is working on crop processing and directly selling to the end consumers who are willing to consumer natural food which has no chemical presence in it. To increase farmer income and to provide healthy and chemical free food to consumer we are processing farmer’s agricultural produce and then we are selling it directly to the end consumer to make sure that no adulteration or impurities are added to our consumer food.

In order to maintain transparency, we promote farm exposure and visits for our consumers. In our region we have developed a model farm where we invite our customers and consumers on regular basis to tell them how our farmers are practicing organic and natural farming at their farm. We Have A Modal Farm Situated Near River Ganga At Garhmukteshwar Hapur UP. On To This Farm We Have Multiple Varieties Of Fruit Plants Like Mango, Guava, Peach, Lemon, Papaya Etc. And Multiple Varieties Season Vegetables, Cereals Pulses Etc. We Have Made Our Own System Of Making Organic And Natural Fertilizer And Pest Management Which We Share With Our Consumers And Member farmers. Farm Activities Like Mango Mahotsav, Honey Extraction, Tree Plantation Etc. are organized For Our Consumers On Regular Basis To Give Them An Experience Of Organic And Natural Life In Real Natural. Families Come With Their Near And Dear Ones And Kids To Enjoy and to Know From Where Their Food Comes.

Board Of Directors

Harsh Vardhan Tyagi Chairman / President
Vipin Kumar Director
Nirbhay Kumar Director
Sumit Chauchan Director
Aadarsh Kumar Director
Mr. Bala Director
Mrs. Pushpa Director
Rakesh Kumar Director
Praksha Singh Director
Shabad Director
Diwakar Tyagi Director