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Aarambhsheel Farmer Producer Organization

Aarambhsheel Farmer Producer Organization was registered under Central Sector Scheme of Central Government of India on 17.10.2022 by its founding Member and Promoter Shri Harsh Vardhan Tyagi in Cooperative Act of Registration of an organization. It is an association of farmers practicing natural and organic farming based in Uttar Pradesh. Through their end-to-end supply chain, sourced from organic farms and processed in specialized natural processing facilities, the organization collects farm produce, harvests, and sorts and grades them, and transports them to their natural food centers. The initiative to form FPO was taken by Mr. Harshvardhan Tyagi, a complete guide on Self-Help Groups and Farmer Producer Organization. With the technical support of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Hapur and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology, the Farmer Producer Organization is doing very good work on organic and natural value added products. Scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra are also providing training to the FPO members on time and as per their requirement.


Sustainability of Farmer Producer Organizations

Sustainability of any organization deponds upon the foundation of that organization. Aarambhsheel F.P.O was formed to bring real changes in the actual life style of its farmers and also to make farming a profitable and sustainable economic activity for the farmers. Thus this FPO is focused on its foundation values and will continue to work upon achieving the heights of its Goals.

Highlights of Achievements through FPO Approach

To implement modern and high-tech technology. Provide direct marketing assistance to farmers. Introducing and implementing organic products in the target area. Establishment of own machinery center for processing and packaging of products. Aarambhsheel FPO played very important role in this project for procurement. Produces and searches for market contacts for its produce. Agreements have also been signed with traders, exporters and processing industries for forward linkage.

Value Addition and Marketing.

The Aarambhsheel FPO markets its various products. Of the total sales, FPOs’ sales to institutional local and urban markets (45%) are slightly higher than FPOs’ retail sales to local communities which is up to 40%. Retail sales in block and district level market constitute 15% which is comparatively less as compared to the above two types of sales. The annual FPO marketing cost is 15%. In other words, the marketing landscape appears to be slowly expanding.

Various Productsc Manufactured And Marketed By FPO

  • Storage Capabilities.
  • Marketing facilities.
  • Insufficient agro-processing units.
  • Increase in production costs.
  • Lack of coordination among members.
  • Better management from start to finish.
  • Improvement in crop quality.
  • Increase in production.
  • Good agricultural practices and post-harvest services.
  • Increase in returns.
  • Sharing new ideas and technology.
  • Know the difference between traditional methods and new methods.
  • Better prices for produce and 20 to 30% higher income for farmers ensured.
  • Production of good quality produce, which reduces the cost of farming and also increases production.
  • FPO is producing organic fruits, organic inputs in terms of mustard, organic pulses, pickles, organic mustard oil etc.
  • FPC is planning to export organic goods to other countries.
  • Expanding the organic supply chain and operations across the state and nation.
  • FPO provides an excellent platform for marketing the products and helps in overcoming the challenges associated with it.
  • FPOs help their members obtain export licenses and certificates from state and central governments.
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra Hapur is providing technical assistance training to the FPO members for capacity building.

Participation of FPO members in various district and state level programs


Achievments Of Initial FPO